Checkpoint Timeline Reports 101

Checkpoint Timeline Reports 101

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Checkpoint Timeline Reports are a valuable tool that helps improve communication between apartment managers and security services. This report gives you a snapshot of all the checkpoints at a specific property and allows you to easily see how consistent and productive our guard tours are.

Conditional formatting for scans more than 30 minutes apart helps you see where any gaps in activity may have occurred. These communications help ensure daily actions are taken to meet management objectives in a timely and efficient manner, while keeping the security guard accountable during their shift.

Although these documents provide clarification for both the apartment manager and security personnel, generating user checkpoint timeline reports can be a timely and arduous process without the right systems in place. That’s why Titan Protective Services provides SilverTrac software to help apartment managers generate these reports quickly and easily.

You can see a full demo of the service here:

Checkpoint Timeline Reports aid your team to be more efficient and effective during their time on your property.  These documents give you immediate insight into what’s happening on your property.

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